Marine spill equipment


Sometimes spill accidents cannot be avoided especially if a business establishment is dealing with liquids and chemicals. It is actually an expected occurrence in this kind of business. Hence, many, if not all, of the businesses dealing with liquids and chemicals purchase spill response kits.

These kits can be classified into various kinds. One kind of spill response kit is the universal or general purpose spill kit. These kits are designed to be used for cleaning up water based liquids and hydrocarbons. Another kind of kit is the oil-only spill kit. This type is usually used to clean hydrocarbons only such as diesel, gasoline, hydraulic oil, jet fuel, and motor oil. The oil-only product repels water based liquids. If a business establishment is handling strong acids and chemicals, the appropriate kit is the hazmat spill kit. This type is specially designed for cleaning aggressive fluids such as acids and solvents.

Knowing what kind of spill kit that a business will likely use in case of a spill accident is very important. Having the right spill kit will enable a business establishment to effectively respond to a accident. Since spill accidents are unwanted because of its detrimental effects to the health of the workers as well as the effects on the environment. Not having a plan and the proper equipment on hand in case of a spill can also result in large fines. It is advisable to invest in right spill response kits.


The size of the spill cleanup kits needed must be determined on a case-to-case basis. The factors to consider are the possible size of the spill accident, the types of liquids or chemicals involved, and what cleanup materials to be used are considerations in determining the effectivity of a spill response kit. An example of an effective kit for on site protection is the 30 gallon kit. It is generally economical in price. Not only does it have a great price, but also is a perfect size as for the amount of absorbent material it contains for the majority of industrial, retail and marine uses. It can be used for both small to medium size spills.

Also the 30 Gallon Response Spill Kit is available in all three kinds of spill response kits. In case of water, oils and coolant spills, the universal type absorbents (usually gray in color) can be used. If the spill kit is to be used for outside use or marine applications, the oil-only type absorbents (usually white in color) is best because it absorbs hydrocarbons only and repels water. In case of accidents involving aggressive liquids like acids and bases, it is best to use hazmat type of absorbent material (usually yellow or green in color).

Indeed, spill accidents happen. It is detrimental to the health of the workers and to the business itself. Having a good and effective cleanup method is very important in order to prevent such adverse effects and consequences brought by spill accidents. One must make sure that the significant planning involving a spill accident is done before hand to be sure you purchase the correct size of kits and the number of kits needed to handle the amount of liquid you have at your facility. As the saying goes, accidents do happen but what matters is how one responds to such accidents.